COVID-19 Response

To Our Valued Clients

Quality Furniture is a small local business dedicated to serving our customers in the best and safest way possible.

We are following guidelines from both the CDC and WHO found here:


UPDATE (4/1/20):

We are STILL OPEN for business during this time.


We are considered an exempt business during the shelter-in-place order as we sell and deliver:

*essential hygiene products (refrigerators, freezers, washer/dryers)

*residential Services - mattresses, bed frames, pillows, etc. lawn equipment and deliver to the door.

*communication technology - home office essentials such as laptop computers, desktops, tablets, office desks, and chairs.

*We provide a financial service and are a financial institution.


Additional info can be found at the bottom of this page.


To ensure your and our team members' safety, we are set up for contactless selling (and delivery/pick-up as noted below) by using our website for e-commerce or by calling our store at (972) 288-9322 Mesquite or (903) 567-4176 Canton.




UPDATE (3/30/20): 

New Temporary Hours - 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday. Both Locations

We are shortening our hours to ensure our employees have time with their family's, and to ensure we are able to properly clean the stores.


UPDATE (3/23/20):

We are STILL OPEN for business during this time.
We are considered an exempt business during the shelter-in-place order as we sell and deliver:
*essential household products (refrigerators, freezers, washer/dryers)
*mattresses, bed frames, pillows, etc.
*home office essentials such as laptop computers, desktops, tablets, office desks, and chairs.
To ensure your and our team members' safety, we are set up for contactless selling (and delivery/pick-up as noted below) by using our website for e-commerce or by calling our store at (972) 288-9322 Mesquite or (903) 567-4176 Canton.


  • We are placing mattress protectors on our mattresses and are disinfecting and cleaning any surface a customer comes in contact with constantly.
  • We are reaching out to deep cleaning services to ensure a safe environment for our customers and employees. If you have anyone in mind or provide this service please feel free to reach out.
  • We will be following social distancing as we are complying with the CDC recommendations of 6’ separation between all individuals.
  • We are not currently reducing hours or closing the stores. It is our goal to remain open as long as possible to keep everyone working, and keep serving our customers.
  • We understand the financial situation right now and we will be offering zero down payment for qualifying customers, and free delivery, detailed below.

UPDATE 3/23/20: We are Limiting our Delivery / Service Program

**We will no longer be delivering into client's homes but will be offering free curbside delivery.**

If the client has flu like symptoms or Corona Virus we will not be delivering in home but we will store the product and redeliver once it is safe to do so.

We have purchased face masks, full body coveralls, and gloves to ensure our delivery team’s safety, and the safety of our customers, and will be requiring that we disinfect them on a daily basis.

We are offering Free Delivery to our Clients’ Door on any purchase for the next 30 days, Free Pick up – products can either be assembled & Shrink-wrapped or left in a box for customer pickup at our warehouse.

Out of an abundance of caution, service calls we will request a 2 week lead time or if we can have the client set an appointment to leave the product on their porch or meet us at the door with it we will pick it up – repair it – and then return it to their door.

If you have any questions about this please reach out to us directly:

Mesquite - 972-228-9322

Canton - 903-567-4176

Quality Finance Clients

We have worked with our clients since 1975 regardless of credit history. We can accept payments via phone, online, or text if you prefer not to come to the store. We use the golden rule in everything we do, treating others how we would want to be treated so please give us a call if you have any questions or financial concerns and we will work with you.

Please do not forget to support local business during this extremely challenging time.

Thank you,

Stan Pickett
Quality Furniture & Appliance

Jordan Barrick
Vice President

Caitlin Barrick
Operations Officer

And the entire Quality Furniture Family





Regarding the recent Covid-19 shelter-in-place order via Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins effective 11:59pm 3/23/20. Please see note below as provided to the Dallas County at 9:48AM 3/23/20 Theresa Daniel.


Whereas, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas on March, 28, 2020 increased restrictions via executive order for the State of Texas.


Whereas, on March 31, 2020 Action Tv Stereo & Appliance Inc DBA Quality Furniture & Appliance Inc have updated our exemption claim as a business providing essential services under the GA-14 Essential Services Designation for the following reasons:


During this Covid-19 crisis the importance of getting critical supplies and products to Americans has never been greater.  We believe we qualify as an exempt organization for the following reasons:

1.)    We sell hygiene products. Appliances are some of the most important resources in someone’s home.

a.      Refrigerators are used to keep insulin and other important medications cold, keep emergency food frozen and help prevent the spread of food born illnesses.

b.      Washing machines and dishwashers are necessary to increase sanitation, especially in homes where loved ones are ill.

c.       Ranges are vital especially in lower income homes that require food materials to be purchases in bulk and meals assembled and prepared and cooked.

d.      Dishwashers are important to those who suffer from conditions making it difficult to wash dishes by hand.

e.      The appliance industry is critical in this time of hardship and getting people with broken appliances new ones is very important.

2.)    We sell communication technology - Electronics and Essential Household items promoting work from home.

a.      We sell and deliver laptop / desktop computers, tablets and small home office desks & chairs.

3.)    We sell and deliver to the door – Residential Services - Mattresses, adjustable bases, & bedframes & lawn equipment for household maintenance.

a.      Clients sheltering at home need bedding and sleep essentials to promote their well being and the well being of those sheltering with them. Grandparents with children unexpectedly living with them etc.

4.)    Ecommerce & Transacting Online – Our ecommerce team is working from home and all stores are following social distancing guidelines of 6’.

5.)    Quality Furniture & Appliance provides a financial service and is a financial institution.

a.      As registered creditors in the state of Texas we are a first party lender and support the lower income population with our in-house financing for high risk credit and people with little to no credit.

b.      Many of our clients cannot afford to shop at other places and rely on my store for almost everything in their home and our willingness to finance it for them in house.

While our showroom is currently open, we will be running a limited staff with shortened hours. We also limit our clients to one set at a time and disinfect after each visit. As a critical industry for the well-being of our society we need to be able to continue operating our warehouse and delivery services, while practicing high levels of sanitation and extreme social distancing of the few critical employees that must report to work.

Our delivery teams have been provided coveralls, gloves, and protective gear with sanitizing spray & wipes. We will no longer be delivering into client’s homes but will be offering free curbside delivery. 


Thank you for your consideration,

Stan H Pickett

Stan Pickett - President

Action TV Stereo & Appliance DBA Quality Furniture & Appliance

500 N Galloway Ave Ste 160 Mesquite, Texas 75149